Talk | 01

the Unveiling

- Know Your Body -

The clitoris is the most misunderstood and undervalued part of the human body. In demystifying the female orgasm, Ilka unveils a life-size, 3D model of the clitoris and discusses the importance of this powerful pleasure organ. Challenging the status quo that women are notoriously bad at orgasms, she proves that it’s a lack of technique and not function that is too blame. This in-depth look at the vulva will change the way you see yourself and the way you have sex. 


Why have a Clitoris if not to Orgasm?


Talk | 02

the Symbolism

- Own Your Actuality -

We don't see our oppressor; there's no uniform, no cuffs or chains, no physical abuse at the hands of another. No, our oppressor is subtle and cunning. It uses beautiful, coloured photographs on glossy covers. It frolicks in the shadows of self-doubt pasting dispersions like stick-it notes on our imperfections. Ilka unpacks the little lies society and media tell us about ourselves. The beliefs that mould the world we live in and how we become imposters and "pushers"; perpetuating this narrative to our peers, our partners and our children!


The Paradox: Global Obessession with Sexualising the Female Body - yet we don't know how a Female's Body works Sexually 

Talk | 03

the Experiment

- Claim Your Pleasure -

We discovered the clitoris in the Vagtastic Unveiling  and addressed beliefs that hamper our ability to orgasm in the Vagtastic Symbols, it is now time to discover what turns us on. There’s not a “one fits all” when it comes to sexual triggers and the best way to discover them is through experimentation. We invite you to join us as we uncover ways and tools to find your "switch". We shed light on some sex toys that are specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris and G-Spot. We look at deep cervical orgasms and how to strength your kegels. Your best sex is outside your comfort zone - come let us make you feel uncomfortable. 


How Should We Measure Our Pleasure?

Our Sexual Pleasure Should be the Measure. 

Workshop | 01

Plus One

Having completed the trio of talks (Unveiling, Symbols and Experiment), the Vagtastic Experience culminates in the Plus One workshop. We look at ourselves in relation to others. We dig deep as we dismantle the fear of rejection, infatuation, resentment, guilt and shame. You'll activate your Diazo; getting to know yourself intimately, it will change your perceptions .

With your new-found skills you will be able to understand your relationships and take them to a new level.


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